PRIVAL Cloud services

Plan and migrate your data in the cloud with ease


Adoption of strategies

Thanks to the technology of remote connections, a simple mobile or tablet is enough to obtain information or to carry out a transaction. Cloud or cloud hosting enables companies to increase productivity, enter new markets, and save time and money. Our experts help organizations understand how adoption of cloud computing is transforming their way of working.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment of cloud security during the process of selecting and deploying services is highly recommended. The successful integration of security elements into cloud resource management operations requires methodical searching and meticulously defining the security requirements of the cloud. Our team supports companies by offering a range of strategies that will help them better secure their cloud hosting services.


Architecture and design

To design a robust cloud architecture, you need to know in detail the cloud platform involved and all associated services. Our team helps you build a cloud-based environment that perfectly meets your business requirements while incorporating best practices for efficiency, reliability, and security.

Cloud service security

Today, more and more institutions and businesses are using the cloud to run their applications, use online software, store or analyze their data. Using the cloud is not without risks, and protection is needed to properly control the flow of data. To do so, it is essential to realize the design of the security aspect during all stages of adoption of cloud technology.


Deliver and Deployment Services

Easily deploy a new database or move your existing data processing and warehouses to the cloud. The cloud-based secure, smart, and high-availability database lets you get more value from your data to grow your business.

Cloud computing is a business project and not an IT project

Our experts will help you move data from your existing infrastructure to the cloud, integrate cloud infrastructure processes and applications into your existing infrastructure or business processes.