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Meet your organization’s growing IT needs with our managed services.

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IT Managed Services

Meet your organization’s growing IT needs and get access to cutting-edge technology with our managed services

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Benefits of managed services

Benefits of managed services

With managed services, you gain access to the in-house expertise of our entire team and that of our partners.
Enjoy peace of mind knowing that a professional team manages and maintains your devices and services using best practices.
Hiring and training new employees is a significant investment. A managed service ensures that knowledge is always shared and remains within your team.

Managed services allow you to allocate your resources on your day-to-day operations and reducing your team’s workload.

Discover our Managed Services

Discover our Managed Services

How are our managed services different?

How are our managed services different?

Modular Services

Maintain a high level of flexibility and keep the control over your IT with a custom service bundle.

Our range of modular services allows you to choose the activities to outsource according to your needs and keep certain critical tasks in-house.

Detailed and custom integration

Get the visibility and knowledge continuity you need to stay up to date with your environment and technologies.

Our onboarding process includes a detailed analysis of your environment and the custom documentation of the processes we put in place.

Dedicated and assigned team

A personalized service and response times you can count on, always.

With us, you get a dedicated representative and an assigned support team that knows your environment and your business.

Intelligence and threat analysis

Add a layer of visibility across your network to mitigate risk and allow you to regain control of your network with our threat intelligence and analysis service.

User and endpoint protection

Protect your desktops, servers, workloads, and mobile phones from cyberattacks while providing the same level of protection as your network, no matter where your devices are located.

Access control and management

Reduce risk and block unauthorized connections to your network with a tailored access control and management service that authenticates and controls access to your network on an ongoing basis.

Infrastructure monitoring

Reduce these issues with a 24/7 monitoring service that monitors your servers, systems, network devices, and storage to identify potential sources of problems and allow you to rectify them in time.

Advanced email protection

Complement the native functionality of your email tool with advanced protection against malicious software, files, URLs, phishing attacks and email spoofing attempts.

Backup management and data recovery

Mitigate the risks associated with partial or total loss of your data with a reliable and flexible backup and recovery service, based on the highest industry standards, no matter where your information resides.

Sensitive data protection and monitoring

Identify and protect your sensitive information by adding a service that can discover, classify and monitor your data, to identify what needs to be protected and help you apply better controls over your information.

Network Management

Opt for simplicity with a complete management of your network performed by an experienced technical team that ensures the optimal configuration, operation and availability of your devices.

Systems Infrastructure Management

Keep your systems and services up-to-date, functional and secure with a proactive service and the preventive maintenance of your entire systems infrastructure.

All our services include

Our commitment to you

  • Preliminary analysis
  • Configuration and deployment
  • Day-to-day management
  • Configuration revisions and updates
  • Reality-based SLAs
  • Access to an IT team at your fingertips
Our commitment to you