Public Organization

A strong security posture thanks to the implementation of the Zero-Trust-Network approach


  • Modernize the network;

  • Secure user access on the network.



With equipment close to the end of its support life, the public organization needed replacement devices as well as professional services to help with the migration, the configuration, the security enhancement, and the deployment of these new devices as quickly as possible. The customer therefore turned to us to assist him in these needs.


  • Fast configuration and deployment
  • Complete visibility over the entire attack surface
  • A strong security posture thanks to the implementation of the Zero-Trust-Network approach

Deployed Solutions

Our team took the time to fully understand the customer’s needs, in order to present solutions that met the multiple criteria in terms of time, functionality and product availability.

The chosen solution included different Fortinet equipment, ranging from FortiGate to FortiAuthenticator, FortiEMS, FortiSwitch, not to mention the FortiAnalyzer. The deeply rooted security fabric at the heart of all Fortinet products helped us to quickly achieve the desired safety and modernity goals.

This solution allowed this public organization to achieve complete visibility of its network infrastructure from a single management console which is the FortiGate. At the same time, it has also improved its users’ access to devices, services and applications across the attack surface thanks to the Zero-Trust-Network approach, that is fully supported by all Fortinet products.

The Prival Difference

Throughout the project, we accompanied the client to ensure his satisfaction and took the time to answer all the questions and requests that were raised during the different phases of the plan. In close collaboration with our partner Fortinet, we managed to exceed the client’s expectations and deliver the project on time while staying on budget.