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Eliminate the waste of time, money, and the stress that comes with business interruptions thanks a proactive monitoring of your IT infrastructure.

The success of your business depends on the technologies that support it. A reliable and solid infrastructure is the basis of a productive and successful organisation. But with evolving IT infrastructure and the increased complexity of environments, the task of monitoring your infrastructure proactively can become intimidating and difficult to manage, especially when there is a lack of tools, time, or personnel to perform it.

Every day, problems related to business interruptions cost businesses thousands of dollars in lost revenue, productivity, and unhappy customers, not to mention the frustration and stress it generates for employees.

The solution to these problems is proactive monitoring of the IT infrastructure to identify and prevent problems before they impact operations. A comprehensive monitoring tool for your IT environment allows you to keep an eye on your entire IT infrastructure 24/7 to get there.

The obstacles companies face when trying to achieve this proactive monitoring and management, are often a lack of time, trained personnel, and the integrated tools necessary to understand the instruments in place. Fortunately, Prival offers services covering these activities for companies looking for a reliable, always up infrastructure.

Managed IT infrastructure Monitoring services

To help businesses prevent costly downtime and the frustration that comes with it, monitoring services are available. This activity, formerly reserved for large enterprises, is now accessible to all companies.

PRIVAL’s Infrastructure Monitoring Services

At Prival, we believe that all organizations should be able to prevent problems before they even affect their operations and a lack of time, understanding or resources should not be preventing them from doing so.

Service overview

Our service includes the assessment, installation, licensing and monitoring of your entire IT infrastructure. This monitoring allows us to detect problems in real time and generate different levels of alerts depending on the criticality of the affected devices or applications.

This increased visibility allows us, among other things, to analyze traffic to detect suspicious intrusions, collect and save information related to the configurations of your devices, identify the software versions used (vital for identifying vulnerabilities) and view the events of your systems to extract the critical information hidden therein. This is performed to help you achieve and maintain a remarkable level of stability and an uninterrupted availability of your IT infrastructure.

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    Our Quebec-based team manages the platform, analyzes alerts, logs and helps you avoid unpleasant surprises in order to ensure the continuity of your operations and your peace of mind.

    Whether you are looking for fully managed monitoring of your entire IT infrastructure or a co-managed service, we’ll work with you to find a tailor-made solution that’s right for your business.

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    Monitoring the availability of your devices and services is not enough and you need to go beyond this basic idea. The data flow of your network, the historical performance of your equipment metrics, the centralization and understanding of system events as well as the vulnerability of all your devices, not to mention the automatic backup of your network configurations and equipment inventory in order to fully understand what happens and exists on your infrastructure are crucial.
    Absolutely! We provide several metrics in different functionalities of our solution to cover this aspect well. Our approach allows us to visualize all the possible angles that can affect the slowness of an entity.
    For several years, we have developed our own complete monitoring system based on Open Source technologies that we have improved and supported in order to provide an advanced, reliable, and incredibly competitive solution at all levels in order to maintain flexibility allowing us to adapt to each unique environment that presents itself to us.
    Our support and service is offered in French and English. We take the time to explain and make sure you are satisfied with the solution and the answers. We are in the same time zone as you and understand your needs as we also depend on the reliability and availability of our infrastructure.