Avoiding downtime is the key for ecommerce-based businesses

According to the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, 40% of Canadian Businesses sell their products and services online.

Given the 24x7x365 nature of today’s business, uptime and availability of critical resources play an important role in determining the success of an organization. To ensure business continuity, organizations must overcome unique challenges every day. One of these challenges is downtime.

Downtime is disruptive, costly and unacceptable in today’s competitive business landscape. Downtime can happen due to several reasons ranging from accidental data deletion to application failure to advanced cyberattacks. Without a robust Network Monitoring solution in place, a downtime event can result in costly consequences and tarnish your business reputation.

Whether you’re selling software, SaaS, or digital products, your online store needs to have processes in place to ensure that you’re operational around the clock––and avoid consequences that go beyond revenue loss.

In the world of digital commerce, downtime is equivalent to turning customers away at the door of your brick and mortar store. There’s nothing stopping customers from navigating away from your site or visiting a different site to find an alternative, costing you a lost sale and worse – potentially a lost customer. When your income depends on the availability of your site, you need measures in place to ensure your business runs smoothly and continuously.

Effective network service monitoring is important to ensure that action can be taken by an IT administrator in the event if a service running on a system crash or becomes unresponsive. It is important for a network administrator to identify a service failure before it effects the end uses or customers. However, in practical terms, it is difficult for system administrators to identify system failures beforehand, considering the number of resources required to monitor the services manually.

blësk Application Performance Monitor (APM)

blësk’s all-in-one network monitoring solution enables system administrators to detect and overcome service outage before it effects the end users and customers. One of the features of APM module allows to view the status of all the service groups from the service group menu, which helps to identify is there is any Warnings or Critical errors exist among the services.

blësk’s Application Performance Monitor (APM) module crates alerts in the event of an interruption within the network. This alert is also sent by e-mail to the specified administrator(s) to notify them about the issue. This all-in-one dashboard represents a single point of access for trend statistics and alert monitoring.

A complete network monitoring solution

blësk is a complete network monitoring solution, which allows you to monitor the status of services on the server or client machines, see the security status of a network, analyze communication protocols exchanged, view information on the features of the components of the network, verify the latency of devices, see event log reports, and administer and manage systems remotely.

In summary, network performance is key to streamlined operations of businesses in this tech dependent era. Service interruptions can only be mitigated by real-time status updates of network services with a Network Monitoring tool.

Managed Network Monitoring Service

We understand that some organization may don’t have inhouse capacity to facilitate many essential tasks; therefore, blësk offers managed services to the low resourced companies to monitor their network services.

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