Identify and deal with a warning before it becomes a disaster

As a Network administrator, think about the occurrence of a hacker posing as one of your network administrators to gain access to privileged data. If they’ve stolen the proper credentials through either a data leak or a targeted spear phishing attack, they can use a legitimate access method to discover even more sensitive material.

In this type of incident, since the hacker is using a legitimate method of accessing your network, the system won’t flag it as a malicious attempt. Even if you’re using an access log, you might run into problems unless you pay attention to the IP of the user or the physical location.

How does Event Log monitoring help in eliminating downtime?

Event logs record errors and other important details going on behind the scenes of your network, and the errors that might not appear directly in front of you. If there’s suspicious activity on your network, the event logs are one of the ways to identify it.

Event logs monitoring can help a network administrator to identify a hardware or driver issue before it starts to affect the end user, which eliminates downtime and serves as an early-warning system.

blësk Event Log Manager (ELM)

The blësk Event Log Manager module (ELM) is a user friendly way to view, search, and visualize your log data. It provides a high level of visibility that will have you identifying issues and creating solutions, faster. Your applications generate the data, and ELM receives it, structures it, boosts fields, ranks results by score, sorts results by field, aggregates results, and stores them in the database to make it available to you through a convenient search feature.

A use case of blësk ELM is to perform log analytics, in which you take the logs from an application, feed them into ELM, and use the rich search and visualization functionality to identify issues. For example, a malfunctioning web server might throw a 500 error 0.5% of the time, which can be hard to notice unless you have a real-time graph of all HTTP status codes that the server has thrown in the past four hours. ELM can give you early warning of impending system issues and save you from unexpected disasters.

ELM Dashboard

blësk, a complete network monitoring solution

blësk is a complete network monitoring solution, which allows you to monitor the status of services on the server or client machines, see the security status of a network, analyze communication protocols exchanged, view information on the features of the components of the network, verify the latency of devices, see event log reports, and administer and manage systems remotely.

In summary, network systems benefit from event log monitoring it helps to show administrators more about what’s happening across a given network. Event log monitoring helps to make network administration more efficient and avoids serious security problems and other issues.

Managed services

We understand that some organization may not have the inhouse capacity to facilitate many essential tasks; therefore, blësk offers managed services to the low resourced companies to monitor their network services to ensure their network is always available.

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