Prival et Brocade selected by an accounting firm for a new network solutionaccountant

The firm’s network needed to be changed and its speed of communication no longer met the standarddddds of today’s business. In addition, their Net App storage systems were at 80% and more of their capacity. So we had to update the storage solution.

 The firm was looking for expertise in the choice of new technologies. He, therefore, placed his trust in Prival for this major project.

Prival implement a 10 Gps solution from the manufacturer Brocade with the ICX series. For storage, Prival has implemented and EMC storage solution with VNX storage devices. The client works today in this new environment and has benefited from the overall performance of his system.

About Brocade
The Brocade ICX Series redefinces the economics of networking businesses by delivering unprecedented levels of performance, availability and flexibility.

About EMC
EMC’s VNX Series provides unified storage with unmatched flexibility, simplicity and efficiency, and is optimized for virtual applications.