The City of Brossard acquired wireless network for rational management

Rare in Quebec are cities as Brossard.nouveaulogo_brossard

Situated on the South Shore of Montreal, Brossard has a regular population growth with more than 1,000 new inhabitants every year from the past 10 years. It is an attractive city due to its location at the foot of the Champlain bridge and new several highways. The presence of new companies and shopping malls are increasing (Dix30 and Mail Champlain).


  • Rationalize the processes, the communication and the flows of data;
  • Wireless network with high stable speed for the critical data;
  • 3 sites in several kilometers.


  • Implementation of a wireless solutions by Meru Networks (Fortinet);
  • Including controller, device of management SA200 as well as 30 points of access on 3 different sites.


  • Stability of the network;
  • Equal power on 3 sites;
  • Financial and energy savings.

A WLAN for a powerful and stable network.

The main mission of Brossard, Boucherville and St-Lambert IT’s team is to develop and to offer the technology which supports their purposes and objectives for today and tomorrow. To keep control of its wireless network while increasing its performance is their biggest challenge.

By offering the stability of the network without power loss on 3 sites from a single console of management.

The implementation was made in 3 stages:

  1. Study of needs and evaluation of the optimal location of access points with the specialized software Site Survey;
  2. installation and configuration of the controller, the device of management SA200 and access points;
  3. Technological transfer of the environment.

Besides the access to stable and powerful Internet, the new wireless network supplies the base for new services and applications which will allow to improve the security and the productivity of the staff, with a high-speed access. The wireless solution of Meru Networks (Fortinet) also answers two others essentials criteria; the simplicity of installation and configuration and the ease of centralization for a fast and effective management.

The city of Brossard plans to deploy new applications which will improve the services of the city and will allow the staff to achieve the tasks in a more effective way.