Bousquet has confidence in Prival and VMWare for its virtualization projects.logo

Bousquet Technologies designs for over 60 years, effective solutions to meet the energy needs of customers who want to preserve their ability to finance, competitiveness and the environment. Design plans and manufacturing of ventilation systems generate an exponential amount of data. It is undeniable that for further growth, server virtualization became a priority. The technology reduces the cost of hardware and operating 50% and energy costs by 80%. This result fits perfectly with their mission. The organization is winning in terms of operations, customer relations and internal governance. This is the pride of the internal team to work with the latest technologies.

After analyzing their achievements and future needs, the need for improved redundancy in case of failure is demonstrated. To achieve this, a project plan is developed and implemented by Prival.

Initially, Prival deploys adequate storage solution to support the virtual machines currently located in a crowded server.

In a second step, Prival puts their virtual infrastructure level with a solution of VMware Version Essential Plus with VMware license Vcenter to minimize the number of servers in view of the large number of applications that Bousquet Technologies uses and to improbe redundancy down box.

Bousquet Technologies is now part of IT leaders who benefit from the best practices of a high standard ad high productivity in everyday life.