BMR Group choses Prival and Dell for storagebmr

BMR Group is an established business for over 45 years and is constantly evolving. Today, BMR is a group of independent dealers that operate 180 home renovation and hardware centers in Quebec, Ontario, in the Maritime Provinces and in the French island of Saint-Pierre & Miquelon. Retail sales for BMR members are estimated at over 1,3 billion dollars per year and some 5,000 employees that work in a bannered stores. BMR is the second leading banner in Quebec’s renovation industry.

BMR wanted to implement a storage unit for replication of their transaction site. The client wanted to carry out this project quickly. The objective was to secure data and get a replication disaster. The transaction site already had a DELL unit.

Prival has therefore chosen to deployed a unit of the same product family. The proposed solution is a shared disk (SAN) PS DRIVE 4100E with 12 disks 2 Terra 7.2K NL SAS DRIVE, for a total of 24TB.

Dell 4100E PS storage solution provides a virtualized architecture, an enterprise software and easier management at an affordable price. It takes complete snapshots for replication and integration of applications to ensure data protection and recovery disaster.

The new system reduces the time and cost of customer management. It also allows BMR to easily extend its network.