Homes and other care of elderly person structures are living a great transformation. The increase of the number of seniors particularly in Quebec, generates a lot of problems. More, the increase in the number of people with Alzheimer’s does not help to resolve it. This 21st century is to reconcile dignity, security and well-being for our seniors. Acclaimed by leaders in HealthCare, a possible and widely solution that snowballed in Quebec: since installing this RFID solution in 2012, the Wales Home residence has award-winning repeatedly in Quebec, Canada and the United

The Need:
A barely averted tragedy underlined the inadequacy of The Wales Home’s legacy nurse call system, which only offered fixed call stations within the facility and no coverage in the extensive grounds.

The result:
Residents can ask for help whenever needed, encouraging them to participate in activities or enjoy the grounds on their own terms. The solution also enables The Wales Homes to protect residents in its long-term care units who may be at risk of wandering, while still granting them access to its award-winning Alzheimer’s garden.

”One of the beauties of the system is how well it supports our mission”

”We want to keep people as independent and autonomous as long as possible. We have residents who really enjoy activities off the floor, who want to enjoy the outdoors. Just because they are in a wheelchair or have to use mobility aids, they should not limit their lifestyle. So staff will take them outside, and instead of saying ” We’ll be back in 20 minutes”, staff now say ” When you’re ready to come in, just let us know.”
Brendalee Piironen, Executive Director