Client : University Hospital

The client needed services of highly qualified supplier to deploy wireless infrastructure Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/n/g. It had to respect the standards of security level of the Minister of Health for the implementation of a geolocation system for enforcement control of long-term patients.

Coverage includes 2 pavilions, offering redundancy for reliability of 99.999%.

AeroScout (Stanley HealthCare)
Prival has chosen to deploy the Wi-Fi geolocation Aeroscout (Stanley HealthCare) leading RFID solution. This solution enables health providers around the world reduce costs, facilitate regulatory compliance and improve safety of patients. More than 400 hospitals have chosen AeroScout solutions for asset management, equipment management, monitoring of the temperature and humidity, and the safety of patients and staff.

Meru Networks (Fortinet)
Prival has also installed architecture Wi-Fi Meru Networks (Fortinet). Meru is specifically designed for environments where high density wireless traffic is generated by the critical enterprise applications.

Finally, the client asked Prival to provide training to its employees. The course offered by Prival is designed to provide all the skills required in the wireless and AeroScout environment. The course was held at the customer’s office, in the deployed environment.