Protect your data from insider threats and cyberattacks

Varonis is the first supplier of software solutions for the data not structured by human origin. Varonis offers an innovative software platform allowing the companies to map, to analyze, to manage and to migrate their1503bf1-1 not structured data. Varonis is specialized in the data of human origin, a type of not structured data understanding worksheets, documents of word processor, presentations, audio files, video files, e-mails, text messages and other data created by the collaboration of the company. These data often contain financial information of a company, projects, products, strategic initiatives, elements of intellectual and many more property form of vital information.

The administrators of divers group (IT, HR, Legal, Risks) deploy the Varonis software for diverse case of use, including the governance data, the safety of the data, the archiving, the synchronization of files, the improvement of the accessibility of the mobile data and the collaboration regarding information.