Warehouse Management solution is a comprehensive real-time warehouse and distribution center la-software-group_47management system that combines technically advanced information technologies with industry-leading functionality in a flexible methodology. Our WMS is designed to provide an effective real-time warehouse management solution, either as a standalone system or as a part of the WMS comprehensive supply chain management platform including different solutions such as transportation management. Our WMS supports a multi-site environment through its web based technology. Additionally, WMS has the ability to communicate with the host and other systems to keep necessary data flow across these systems in real-time and provide those systems with accurate logistics information from the warehouse floor. Our WMS can use different technologies such as barcode, RFID, light, voice and automated MHS to make the warehouse run faster and more efficiently.

Target Industries:

wine-1 Food & Beverage

groceries-1 Grocery

ecommerce-1 E-commerce

mouse-1 Electronics