A company in expansion

A Quebec-based company, specialist in networking and virtualization, Prival reduces complexity of IT infrastructure across the data center. Since 2003, we bring our added value to more than 1,000 customers in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and others by offering solutions to all their problems.

A single expert for all of your IT challenges

Exponentially advancing  technologies have led to exponentially accelerating innovation, making the environment increasingly difficult to navigate—but also opening the door to new opportunities. Our services offer advanced and innovative solutions. Our skill is to manage and to develop modern and current networks while joining economic efficiency. Prival has succeeded in applying innovation and creativity in order to satisfy its clients every specific need.

A human approach

Since its beginnings, Prival distinguishes itself by its commitment to customers and partners. Our strategy is to establish long-term, long-lasting and solid business relationships. Prival offers a high level of satisfaction and an added value. We understand your needs and we adapt ourselves to your reality. The team of Prival will be there to support you in all your initiatives. One thing’s for sure, by dealing with Prival, these customers look for all the same need of excellence.