Security and Services

01 . Prepare

IT Service Management

The relentless pattern of piracy is a constant reminder of the importance of developing, nurturing, supporting and integrating a strong resilience plan with cyberattack. Our role is to support you in adopting a strategy and plan for your organization to cope with attacks and recover with an ease-of-use.

 Cyber ​​Security Consultation

No organization can claim to be able to counter all attacks on their infrastructure or data. Considering your ability to manage risk, chances are you’ll have to make continual improvements to keep yourself at the top of the risks and threats, while keeping a close eye on how things are performing. Our team will help you inventory your needs, plan changes and improvements, and educate your people so that your organization is in control of the situation and ready to handle a threat when it occurs. The tools we offer tools allow you to easily get back into a secure position without risk exposed.

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)

Prescribed by governance, risk and need for compliance, organizations are faced with passing security audits. Whether it is to carry out an external audit, set up an educational awareness platform for cyber security, we will assist you with the tasks required by compliance. In addition, those looking for a ‘managed security service’, we can help you. To manage the daily life of a specific security program, such as firewall management, EndPoints security, or others, our team supports its services for you.