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Protect your company with an advanced solution ready to defend you from today’s evolutive threats.

Attacks continue to evolve and as they become more sophisticated, you must protect yourself with tools that are also in constant evolution. A next-generation security platform takes advantage of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, behavioral analysis and research centers to detect complex attacks in order to protect its users.

These technologies, widely known as EDR platforms (End Point Detection and Response) have become an essential part of cybersecurity toolkits for businesses. These programs, however, require time and a given level of knowledge to manage. Administrators of such platforms must be able setup rules, analyze the alerts generated, and when necessary, take corrective actions that are necessary to ensure an optimal protection of your users and information.

For these reasons, companies that do not have the resources, often decide not to adopt these technologies, which are nevertheless essential. They therefore remain vulnerable to the thousands of cyberattacks launched every day across the world.

What about my antivirus?

At its core, previous generation anti-viruses use signatures and mainly recognize threats that are already known. They can of course be useful to assist in the uninstallation of basic viruses, but their functionality is still limited.


  • Improved security
  • Increased productivity
  • Access to cutting edge technology and support from a cybersecurity team
  • Easy to manage
  • Savings of time and money

Cybersecurity as a managed service

To make the most advanced technologies accessible to businesses of all sizes, IT service providers often offer cybersecurity as managed service solutions.

The benefits of these services are clear, access to the latest cutting-edge technologies, an improved security posture, increased productivity, ease of management and savings in time and money

PRIVAL’s managed EDR

At Prival, we believe that a lack of resources or time should not limit companies in their selection and deployment of cybersecurity solutions as important as an EDR platform.

Service overview

Our service includes the assessment, installation, the monitoring of servers, workstations and mobile devices owned by your company, as well as ongoing guidance and support from our cybersecurity team. We work alongside with you to ensure an optimal cybersecurity protection across your equipment. Our EDR technology is among the most efficient and advanced on the market today. It can detect and intelligently quarantine malware, no matter where your computer equipment is located and whether the equipment is connected to the network or not. Our solution is an ideal technology for teams working remotely.

Our Quebec-based team manages the platform, reviews alerts on a daily basis and informs you as soon as an anomaly is detected in order to remedy it.

Whether you are looking for 100% complete management or a co-managed service, we will work with you to find a tailor-made solution.

Don’t stay behind in your cybersecurity!

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    Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a security solution that combines data collection and real-time threat monitoring with automatic analysis and remediation capabilities.
    Endpoint Detection and Response provides full, real-time endpoint visibility to understand malicious activity. An agent monitors events to detect malicious behavior using machine learning and signatures. EDR solutions are also essential for threat hunting.
    EDR and SIEM complement each other. A SIEM, among other things, will consume data from the EDR and feed it into an aggregated view, acting as a centralized point of management.
    Endpoint security is vital as user devices such as laptops, desktops, and mobile devices are often an entry point for attacks.

    Sure, but you need to make sure your team has the knowledge and time to handle the software and the alerts that it generates. Are looking to manage the platform yourself? Request more information about our cybersecurity solutions.