Security and Services

03 . Managed

Next generation firewall management

The firewall manages incoming and outgoing network traffic using access policies. The firewall policy contains rules and protection settings that can be enabled, disabled, and configured. To increase the level of security of the data a personalized setting of the firewall is unavoidable. Our experts work with you to effectively manage your firewall to industry standards.

Security Incident Monitoring and Response Service

Today, no business is immune to a potential attack. Every company needs to be prepared for the inevitable in order to react to changing threats and quickly resume these activities. At varying levels of severity, incidents require an appropriate response, and management of these needs must be integrated with the organizations’ overall security strategy. Depending on the nature of the incident, the incident response will consist of several actions to mitigate the impacts and minimize direct and indirect damage to operations.

Our team accompanies you to identify, respond to, limit and counter security incidents effectively:

  • Staff and organization preparation (upstream awareness)
  • Detection and identification of the incident, assignment of its priority level
  • Impact analysis and confinement of the incident
  • Eradication of the problem, initial recovery
  • Data Recovery and Services
  • Review of lessons learned, which are used for future audit and incident reporting requirements