Security and Services

02 . Defend

Protection and computer security

The amount of data transmitted on computer networks is constantly increasing. These networks, thought to be safe, are not always safe. Every organization must at all times review these protection systems in order to strengthen its IT security. Our team focuses first of all on the understanding of your stakes in order to be able to offer you personalized 360 ° computer security support.

Endpoint protection

Endpoints are particularly vulnerable, and a number of security measures can adequately protect its network. These endpoint security measures help protect the business network that can be accessed via mobile, wireless, or remote devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Intrusion Prevention Systems

The best way to protect a network or computer system is to detect attacks and defend oneself before they can cause damage. Intrusion detection systems monitor and analyze all network activities to detect unusual traffic and warn the user in such a case. Our role as professionals will be to provide you with technical security analysis, reports on alerts and their classification as well as detailed reports of incidents and threats to identified security.

Intrusion tests

They enable organizations to identify vulnerabilities at multiple levels:

  • Internal network by simulating an attack internally
  • Internal and external networks simulating an attack via internet
  • Website and web applications
  • Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Industrial type systems and networks
  • Cloud services

Our cybersecurity experts offer you a personalized intrusion test according to the specific needs of your company.

Vulnerability Analysis

Its role is to limit exposure to risks in order to better control them. Vulnerability management is the process of identifying, assessing, and correcting the risk-based vulnerabilities that they pose in the context of an organization. The essential component of such a program is the vulnerability scanner, which uncovers network assets and scans to discover known vulnerabilities.

Surveillance of the prevention system

Today, to maintain a stable and efficient network, companies are forced to monitor their equipment. Equipment monitoring makes it possible to intercept any abnormal activity on the network in addition to preventing potential technical problems and maintaining a good level of performance.