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Like road traffic, it is essential to identify the cause of a slowdown to act and restore order. In the case of a computer network, the frustrating question that arises is: Who is monopolizing my bandwidth?

Why is the network so slow? Why is there no access to my e-mail? These are common questions users ask when the applications they use are not behaving as expected. As a system admin, network engineer or security engineer where should you start to troubleshoot such problems? One of the first checks that can be performed in this type of situations is to analyze the traffic of your network.

A Network Traffic Analysis tool lets you see the most heavily used devices, determine which users or applications use the most bandwidth, discover network usage trends and reduce bottlenecks. It is easy to know if the bandwidth usage of your network is high or if there has been a spike, but this does not mean that you can actually pinpoint what application is responsible of those spikes, that is the job of an NTA.

If your business is expanding or planning to expand, it might be a good idea to find out if the current network infrastructure can sustain those plans and a NTA can help you figure that out. Spotting trends in your network usage can help you with the planning and management of ressources of your network as well. How? By having this information at hand your team can be proactive on identifying potential issues or avoid bottlenecks. If bottlenecks happen, your team will be able to find out the root cause faster by finding the application or device responsible for the problem faster.

Blësk’s NTA solution

Blësk’s NTA provides users with detailed information about network traffic, including traffic volume, key speakers, bandwidth consumption, and high usage times so your team can work proactively and avoid downtime, which is critical for those that count on your network. It is compatible with all data capture approaches necessary for the functionality of this type of software. It can use flow data statistics generated by routers, switches, specialized standalone hardware probes, or mirror port configuration on switches. It is compatible with all known protocol and stream ver- sions such as NetFlow, Jflow, sFlow, IPFIX, etc.

In summary, blësk NTA provides:

• A real-time dashboard

• The use of communication protocols on your network

• The list of the largest data consumer

• The protocol usage history

• The traffic received and sent from each device

To find out more about how blësk Network Monitoring can help with your network challenges, reach out to our team for a free trial or personalized demo today!