Brossard (Qc), December 28, 2017 – Prival is pleased to announce that, effective December 21, 2017, Mrs. Caroline Biron, co-founder and former Vice-President of the company, becomes President. She succeeds Mr. Hugo Hamel, co-founder and president since the start of Prival in 2003. Together, they have managed to build a successful business by accumulating and successfully completing many ambitious projects, resulting in a solid foundation that will allow continued growth. Today, Mr. Hugo Hamel is leaving Prival with the feeling of mission accomplished, leaving a flourishing company in the hands of his successor.

Mrs. Caroline Biron is determined to continue the excellent work of Mr. Hugo Hamel in order to maintain the strong growth of Prival. The company has distinguished itself through its business model where technical competencies are a priority, as is attention to detail and outstanding customer service. Throughout the years, the efficient completion of our customer’s projects has taught us that our success relies on our experienced and close-bonded team. It is a culture that Mrs. Caroline Biron will continue to encourage and to preserve in the future.

Prival is facing exciting challenges and considerable growth. Mrs. Caroline Biron will keep the emphasis on both Prival’s values and its culture, as they are the cornerstone of its strengths. She will be able to count on the quality of her exceptional, professional and dedicated team. Alain Parent, technical director for five years, and the technical team will continue to offer innovative solutions that meet the challenges of each organization.

The pride of the Prival team is based not only on its achievements in several important sectors such as hospitals, cities, colleges and universities as well as private enterprise, but mainly to its family spirit, the fundamental value of the company. This pride is further reinforced by the testimonials of our customers, who emphasize the professionalism and dedication of our employees.

The company understands the objectives of its customers and uses its technology expertise to better help and serve you. A partner in your technological success.