Complete, Fast and Reliable


BLËSK is a suite of applications for network monitoring and management. It is comprised of a mix of open source and proprietary tools that come pre-installed and configured on an optimized 64-bit version of CentOS Linux. BLËSK helps people see and understand the behavior of their network. Anyone can quickly visualize, analyze, and pinpoint problems when they occur. The complete suite of applications included with BLËSK represents a unified approach to network monitoring and management, offering network availability and security monitoring, event log management, network traffic analysis, asset tracking, and much more. With BLËSK there is no need to run multiple servers for different tasks, as all modules are optimized to run harmoniously on a single physical server or virtual machine. Included with BLËSK are many popular open source tools that are pre-configured and ready to use, saving you time and maintenance costs.

Blesk features:

image2 Highly cost and time benefice on long term

image3 Work with all manufacturers

image4 Big Data approach

image5 Super fast auto detection